About Us - MileageWiz™

Our Defining Goal 12 Years Ago

Our goal over 12 years ago was quite simple: We want to fundamentally change the way people think about their mileage log.

We realized right away that even though a huge amount of money is on the line, most people would prefer to focus on making a living or enjoying time with their family, rather than think about their mileage log! So right from the beginning MileageWIZ™ was designed to support the dedicated people who want to make a mileage log throughout the year, the sporadic loggers who have good intentions, but get busy, and the most typical customers who think about their mileage at tax time, or unfortunately only after they get an IRS audit letter.

We Feel Your Pain

The government expects the average person to spend a massive amount of time keeping each mileage log. And the two questions they ask "Do you have proof?" and "Is it written? " tend to either stress you out, make you a fibber, or both! MileageWIZ™ was founded on the belief that our customers should have the best of both worlds! Peace of mind that comes with our personal mileage log review. And being able to spend the absolute MINIMUM amount of time.

Phillip Kochan

About Dr. Phillip Kochan

I grew up in a real estate family. My mother Linda sold over 10 houses a month for decades and during all those years she only had one personal assistant (me) for about six months. In 1985, on my 18th birthday I was the youngest liscenced real estate agent in Oregon and I became my mother's assistant while attending engineering school. One of my jobs was keeping her mileage log and the amount of effort and time required was astronomical. Fast forward to 2002 when I was a software consultant and I was extremely busy working 70 hour weeks trying to keep my clients happy. I was considering bringing on an employee, but had no time to train, let alone manage them. In the midst of this I got a letter from the IRS! They were auditing me for my mileage log deductions on my Schedule C! My first thought was, "You have got to be kidding! As much money as I pay the government and now they want more!"

In addition to being a software engineer I also had my PhD in Theoretical Quantum Physics, so I figured since I was a master at Microsoft Excel I could use it to produce an adequate mileage log. That is when I first found the fundamental problem with using Excel which I explain in the spreadsheet section. After messing around with Excel for many hours I gave up and wrote a software algorithm which would help me make my mileage log. From those humble beginnings MileageWIZ™ was born. :) Since then I have helped a city full of people make more complete and more IRS audit proofed mileage logs in 1/10th the time. I have also personally helped thousands pass their IRS mileage log audit with flying colors and have folded what I have learned into MileageWIZ™. So mileage logs are my life, my passion, and I hope it shows in everything I do.