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  • How do I get my returning customer discount?

    After clicking the Buy Now button and selecting the year(s) you want, there is a checkbox you can check to get your returning customer discount. It will prompt you for either the email you used during your previous purchase or any valid product key for any year. You can find your product key in MileageWIZ™ by selecting Help->Enter Product Key from the main menu. If the website does not verify your previous email then go to our Support page and give us as much information as you have from your previous order (like email, name, date or even a rough estimate of when you ordered, etc...). If the product key is not validating, then check your typing carefully.

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  • What do I do if I'm having trouble purchasing a product key?

    About the only thing that should cause a problem is your credit card number, expiration date, and CVV code. Check those carefully and try again. If the problem persists, try another card or check the status of your card.

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  • Past Years - Why do I Have to Buy Multiple Years?

    We've been developing and selling MileageWIZ™ for over a decade. Many years ago we realized that customers who want prior years need it because of an audit and those that are audited tend to be 'stressed out' and require much more support than those that make their mileage log throughout the year or at the end of the current year. We first tried making previous years product keys 3 times more expensive, but then our customers told us that they felt this was really unfair! :( So the best solution we have come up with, is to give customers many 'past' years at reduced price. The IRS does tend to 'pile on' with mileage log audits, so having the other year's product keys is a good idea.

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  • Can I use Paypal?

    We plan on automating that into our checkout process in the future. If you have your heart set on PayPal, then copy (highlight then ctrl-c) from 'Your order...' down to 'Order Total:' and paste it into our Support page and tell us you want to pay with PayPal. We will reply with instructions on how to pay with PayPal.