Free Printable Mileage Log

Download any of the free printable mileage logs below. Choose the format you want. Get simple advice about filling them out.

But first ask yourself this question: How much does a Free Printable Mileage Log REALLY cost you?

The IRS's data shows the average is 12.5 hours per log. At $15/hr that's $189. However, if the IRS denies your free printable mileage log, then the average tax bill with penalties and interest is over $7200.

Don't want to spend a day and a half? There IS an alternative!

Use our powerful MileageWiz™ software. We have been improving it for over 12 years and have helped nearly 40,000 people automate the mundane and error prone creation of their mileage logs. We also offer a FREE review of your mileage log. Why is a review important? Because why would you wait until you are audited to find out you are doing it wrong?

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Free printable mileage log #1: Four Columns

This free printable mileage log has four columns. You actually only need the three columns on the left, but since you are filling this in by hand, we added the Total column so you can keep a running total. When adding up thousands of numbers like this spread across multiple pages, it is a really good idea to keep a running total. When checking your addition you can instantly see when you made a mistake. To be specific, the first time you total it, you write the running total in the last column. This seems like a lot of work, but it is easier in the long run because when you check your calculations you make sure the running total is same on each row. Then if you find a mistake you know the row it is on. If you just put one total on the bottom, then if you don't get the same answer when checking it, you have NO IDEA where you made the mistake. If adding up all these miles seems like a drag, then scroll up and click the 'gold' button learn how MileageWiz™ takes care of this for you. If using a spreadsheet seems like a good idea then we have those also. Use the form at the bottom of the page and ask us to send you a link or check out the Resources section of our site.

Free Printable Mileage Log Four Columns

Free printable mileage log #2: Six Columns

Locations are actually not required by the IRS, but some people like to think in terms of Locations. When filling this out be very careful! Make sure that the Distances between any identical pair of Locations is the same across all your sheets of paper. If not, then be prepared to explain to an IRS agent why they are not! Of course, MileageWiz™ takes care of this for you. It allows you to create a Location and log it 100's of times with a few clicks and keeps track of Distances between Locations for you so you can enter a Distance ONCE and never have to think about it again... for years, because it carrys this data forward to the next year.

Free Printable Mileage Log Six Columns

5 Tricks IRS Agents Use to Reject Your Mileage Log

Whether you spend more than a day and a half filling out your mileage log by hand or you use MileageWiz™ and get it done in under an hour, you will want to get this FREE guide that shows you five of the tricks IRS agents use. Or you can wait until you are audited and spend thousands of dollars 'learning' their tricks.

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