Mileage Log Software

MileageWIZ is the only mileage log software in the world that allows you to create a 100+ page IRS conforming mileage log for the entire year in minutes or easily keep a log throughout the year.

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How much does your mileage log software cost?

Depending on how many years you buy, MileageWIZ™ can be less than $9 per year. If you only buy one year it is $49.95 for the first year for new customers, and $34.95 per year for returning customers. In addition to our mileage log software you also get our Personal Assistance Package where the most experienced mileage log expert in the world will review your mileage log for FREE! Because the most important issue is not what you pay or how much effort you spend, but that your thousands of dollars of mileage log deductions will pass an audit.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

What do our customers LOVE about MileageWIZ™?

They love the speed, accuracy, and true peace of mind that their thousands of dollars in tax deductions are safe. We are the only company in the world, that reviews your mileage log and has the experience that can only come from 12 years helping hundreds of thousands of people with their mileage log. So you get the ability to create a 100+ page mileage log for an entire year's log in about an hour, or log throughout the year in a few minutes each week or even each day. The best part is, even though you spend the absolute minimum effort, you get the highest level of protection available anywhere in the world.

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee lasts for 30 days and has no other limitations. Even if you don't like the fonts MileageWIZ™ uses.

Show me an example...

Here is an example mileage log that is 105 pages that was created in about 45 minutes using Routes and Recurrences. (If the link does not open in a new window then right click and select 'Save link/target as...')

The Interview feature of our mileage log software is even faster than Recurrences, but that speed comes with a little less control over the details. The third way to use MileageWIZ™ is with Weekly Logging which gives the highest level of control over the details. You decide what is best for you. Check out our videos page which shows all three of these techniques.