The average mileage log rejection costs $7,274. How confident are you that your log will pass?

We've helped thousands 'audit proof' their mileage log and we're here to help you!

Phillip Kochan

I'm Phillip Kochan. Over the last 12 years, I have personally helped thousands of people pass their mileage log audits with flying colors and I'm here to help you!
I built our flagship software MileageWIZ™ and have been steadily improving it so YOU can create an 'audit proof' mileage log with the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM EFFORT.

The IRS expects you to spend over 12 hours making your Mileage Log

If you think over 12 hours is absurd, then you are in good company! For the last 12 years, hundreds of thousands of people, who think the same as you, have used MileageWIZ™ to create a fantastic mileage log for a FRACTION of the effort.

FREE: 5 Tricks IRS Agents Use to
Reject Your Mileage Log

This FREE guide shows you the tricks IRS agents use to reject your mileage log. It shows you the steps you need to take to protect yourself... Before you step into that room with the IRS agent... Before a rejected mileage log costs you thousands of dollars in back taxes, penalties, and retroactive daily compounding interest!  Enter your email address below to learn simple techniques that stop IRS agents in their tracks in a firm and positive way! We have spent over a decade learning these tricks and we am willing to share this extremely valuable knowledge with you for FREE!

We'll never share your email address with anyone!

Buy Today and we'll Review Your Mileage Log for $159!

Knowing the most common tricks IRS agents use by getting our free guide is a great start to protecting yourself. But the reality is there are dozens of tricks IRS agents use and we would need to write a book to explain all of them. But who has time to read a whole book on the subject? That is why we offer the Personal Assistance Package which gives you the ultimate peace of mind.

Email us your MileageWIZ™ file and we will personally review it and send you a detailed report which points out weaknesses which could cause your mileage log to be rejected.

This package removes the guesswork and risk. It is a good deal at $159 for each year. Show details...

Personal Assistance Package

With the Personal Assistance Package we will personally review your entire MileageWIZ™ file which can contain an unlimited number of businesses and vehicles. We know what the IRS is looking for and the tricks they use to make you pay thousands in taxes, penalties, and interest.

Limitations: This offer is limited to one transaction per household or business whether you are a returning or new customer. You must use the email you ordered with to email your MileageWIZ™ file to me. We will personally review the entire mileage log file and email you back a detailed report along with the number of reviews you have left. (Our goal is within two business days.) Three reviews per year is the maximum. So yes, we give you three chances to get some detailed advice and get it right.

Privacy: We take our privacy VERY seriously and the privacy of my customers even MORE seriously, so all correspondence is kept strictly confidential. You can check out our Privacy Policy if you like to read details. 

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100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

This 2 minute video shows what we mean by

Best in the World Guarantee

'Best in the world' is a pretty bold guarantee!  But we back it up with our wallet...

"Show us a company that does HALF the things we do and we will give you $300." Show details...

My guarantee is very simple: Show us a company that does HALF  the things on the list below and we will give you $300.

  1. For more than a last decade we have helped hundreds of thousands of people create their IRS conforming mileage logs and helped thousands pass their mileage log audits.
  2. We show you tricks IRS agents use to reject your mileage log and ways to not only avoid them, but stop the agent dead in their tracks in a positive and constructive way.
  3. We are the only company that provides a Personal Assistance Package where we review your mileage log and take the guesswork out of making an 'audit proof' mileage log.
  4. MileageWIZ™ gives you NUMEROUS options to create your log: daily, weekly, recurrences, and/or the interview.
  5. MileageWIZ™ lets you log dozens or hundreds of trips with a few clicks of the mouse.
  6. We are the only company that guarantees you will pass an IRS mileage log audit.
  7. We are the only company that shows you its competitors.
  8. 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.  Even if you don't like the colors in MileageWIZ™!
  9. Our how to videos remove the need to think or learn anything!  Just watch a video for 10 seconds, pause it, and do that step in MileageWIZ™!

Fine print: As far as the claims above...  We promise you we will NOT be 'nit picky' about our wording vs some other companies. :)  If it's even close we'll give you the benefit of the doubt!  The company you find must have a publically available website which:

  1. Makes half or more of the claims above. As far as the 'more than a decade' and the numbers of customers: Most companies won't tell you how many customers they have, so we'll settle for you showing their website has been around for a decade using You can see our site was first archived on Oct 26th 2004.
  2. Publish a verifiable physical address and a phone number with an answering message that identifies the company.
  3. Has a valid merchant account and checkout process allowing someone to make a valid Visa and Mastercard purchase of their product. 
  4. Must sell something so we can verify they deliver that product. 
  5. Must be focused on mileage logs for the IRS in the U.S. (So not some other country.)
  6. Must be under $500 a year. That's 10 to 30 times more than we charge.

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100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

I Want a Mileage Tracker App!

We first heard that in 2005, and even though it didn't make much sense, we wanted to make our customers happy! So we built an app and got a bunch of Early Adopters to try it out.  But guess what? They HATED being interrupted dozens of times throughout the day, for an entire year, just to keep a mileage log. Since then we have seen oodles of these apps come and go. Check out the MileageWIZ™ Features section below to learn how you can avoid this 'mileage tracker app trap'! After that, if you still want a mileage tracker app we show you links to many of them.

Powerful MileageWIZ™ Features

Over the last decade we have listened to what our hundreds of thousands of customers wanted and built these features into MileageWIZ™. MileageWIZ™ gives you the flexibility to choose whether you want to log each day, week, or month, or blow it off until the end of the year. Show details...

MileageWIZ™ gives you a wide range of choices in how you make your log (see below).  If you want to log LESS than a month at a time then use our Weekly Logging features.  If MORE than a month or the entire year at a time then use Recurrences or the Interview. Or you can even mix and match in any combination you like!

Features List

Unlimited Use: Unlimited Activities, Unlimited Businesses, Unlimited Vehicles, etc...

Business Use of Home:  Protects you from making common mistakes related to Business Use of Home.

Import Previous Year:  If you need a mileage log this year, chances are you need one next year! The import wizard allows you to reuse the vital information from your previous year.

Export: To any word processing or spreadsheet program.

Sampling: MileageWIZ™ analyzes your log to deterimine if it is eligible for Sampling. Sampling is a technique allowed by the IRS where log only a portion of the year and average that over the entire year.

Odometer Adjustment Tool:  This tool allows you to instantly scale the mileage of any portion of a year up or down. Don't let the name fool you! It's not just for faulty odometers. Let's say you have 23,247.5 miles but you need 23,715.8 miles; rather than adding more entries and fussing over the math, you just run this tool and instantly you are done!

Reality Check Tool: Checks for common mistakes that can cause your mileage log to be rejected!

Splits Your Mileage Rates: Automatically splits your log and calculates your deduction when 'in year' mileage rate changes occur.

Encourages you to Take MORE Deductions:  No vehicle you own should leave the driveway without it being a tax deduction.  MileageWIZ™ encourages you to take deductions for volunteer work like driving to drop off donations, for Medical like driving to Walmart to buy aspirin, or for Moving or Searching for a new Job. The typical person who starts using MileageWIZ™ increases their mileage deductions by over $3000!

LESS than a Month -> Weekly Logging:  You can quickly create Routes or Locations and organize them into Categories which become tabs above the Weekly Calendar.  Then just select a day and log them with a single click. Most apps require you to enter a half dozen or more fields for a single entry! MileageWIZ™ also has powerful editing features allow you to copy/paste an entire day or week and then quickly drag/drop Routes or Locations.

More than a Month -> Recurrences: This is a very most popular feature because it has the best balance between speed and accuracy. Recurrences allow you to log dozens of Routes or Locations quickly.  You select an interval like day, week, or month and then from a list of choices such as exactly, on average, the first/last business day of the month, a specific day of the week, etc....  Or you can choose the whole year and then each click on a the year calendar logs a trip.

More than a Month ->Interview: This is fastest and easiest way to make a log.  However, speed and ease come at the expense of detail and accuracy.  You tell MileageWIZ™ a target miles (usually for the whole year) and your driving patterns for a typical week and MileageWIZ™ works backwards to figure how many miles you would need to drive each day!  The Interview is a great tool to answer questions like "If I need to deduct 32,000 miles for the year and I drive a lot on weekdays and a little on Saturdays, then how many miles do I need to log for those days?"  It's also a great feature to use if you have to be at your mileage log audit in a half hour.

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  • In the past decade, the penalties imposed on taxpayers have increased by 1,000%!
  • Our government is running out of money.  If a politician mentions raising taxes, they lose their next election.  But Audits generate billions in revenue while letting the politicians off the hook!
  • If your mileage log is rejected, you could owe the back taxes PLUS penalties of 25% to 75% PLUS retroactive interest that compounds daily on both the taxes and the penalties.  The average mileage log rejection costs $7,274!
  • The IRS has hired 1000's of new agents and they are focusing on mileage logs.
  • State Audit: If you fail your mileage log audit the IRS will notify your state taxing authority.
  • Double Jeopardy: If your mileage log is rejected your chance of future audits go up substantially.
  • The IRS estimates you should spend 12 1/2 hours keeping a mileage log but they don't give you any help or advice!
  • The IRS is vague about what is a valid business purpose.  Try to find an explanation on the website.

Prove to me MileageWIZ™ beats its competitors!

Okay, so you need to see the proof you are getting the very best solution.  The section shows the six 'types' of solutions ordered from LEAST EFFORT to MOST EFFORT. The details show the companies that provide those solutions. If you find a company that is NOT on our list, then we will give you any single year of MileageWIZ™ you want for FREE.  Show details...

Find a Company Not on the List Guarantee: The company you find must have a publically available website which:

  1. Makes a claim of being able to make a printable mileage log.
  2. Publish a verifiable physical address and a phone number with an answering message that identifies the company.
  3. Has a valid merchant account and checkout process allowing someone to make a valid Visa and Mastercard purchase of their product or service. 
  4. Must sell or do something so we can verify they deliver that product or service. 
  5. Must be focused on mileage logs for the IRS in the U.S. (So not some other country.)

So this rules out almost ALL of the cheap or free mobile apps from the 'app stores'. The reason we had to limit this is that there are hundreds of those with new ones all the time. Most don't print a mileage log let alone one approved by the IRS. This also applies to spreadsheet templates of which there are dozens; most do not have viruses hidden in them, but some do!

You can use the form at the bottom of this page to submit a link to the company that fullfills the requirements above. If you are wondering why we don't include links to the companies we list its because Google tracks outbound links from our site and it would hurt our Google ranking.

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LAPTOP (Least Effort) - This is what MileageWIZ™ runs on and for very good reasons. If you can't think of the reasons, then just ask yourself one simple question, "What device do I do my taxes and books on and why?".  Show details... - Trucking log sheets for EOBR requires laptop with GPS. - Makes you put in about 10 fields for one trip. It's as if they try to get you to take the MOST amount of effort. - Whole suite of tools; doesn't seem to be for creating a mileage, but you can make a 'gas mileage log'. - Finds distances between arbitrary locations. Based on Microsoft MapPoint which is being discontinued on 12/31/2014. - They sell tons of software for restaurants. Not quite sure it can make a mileage log. - It's really what it says. A complicated journal for trips which allows you to record anything like dates, times, odometer, expenses, etc.... So every single trip requires a half dozen fields to fill out. - They call it a "reliable mileage collector". English is not their native language. It looks like it requires some kind of external GPS and the GPS must have the ability to download it's raw data to a laptop. - They are looking for Beta testers. Need we say more. :) - Reads your calendar, so if you use your calendar to plan trips to the bank, to OfficeMax for office supplies, etc… and you want to enter the addresses for all those places, this might be a good solution. No company address or phone number on the website is kind of scary. - They generate a random file with no purposes, no weekly patterns, etc… PayPal only assures no guarantees or warranties. Buyer beware! Put this in the Laptop category because that’s the closest thing it fits in. - This is one of our closest competitors, but close is an overstatement because every log entry takes nearly a dozen fields.

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Spreadsheet - This seems like a great solution, and it is way easier than any mileage tracker app for your phone, but even if you are comfortable writing 'date manipulating' formulas, there is a fundamental problem! Show details...

You can scroll down to see links for spreadsheets for mileage logs. Over the years, we have challenged spreadsheet experts to make a mileage log.  These are experts who know how to write 'date manipulating' formulas, use hot keys for editing, and are well versed at formatting/printing.  But no matter how much experience they have, there is NO SOLUTION for this fundamental problem...

Fundamental Problem: Over the years, we have challenged spreadsheet experts to make a mileage log and they all run into this fundamental problem. The best approach for a mileage log spreadsheet is to have one day per row, but in order to add a business purpose, they have to double click in each cell, then click to the end of any existing text, add some kind of delimiter like a semi colon or comma, and then paste the purpose.  The only other alternative is to have a row for each business purpose; then they are forced to copy an entire row and paste it (to get the right date) then move elsewhere in the sheet and copy the purpose then move back and paste.  If you drive for 300 days in a year and have 5 purposes per day, you end up doing one or the other of these monotonous, error prone actions 1500 times!  But the worse thing about all this is that when you're done with all this tedious work... You STILL don't know if the IRS will reject your mileage log.

WARNING Regarding Odometer Start/End: The IRS does not require the odometer reading, so giving them that is like giving them a baseball bat to whack you over the head with. Some IRS agents like to ask for a log with odometer readings! Check out my free guide that shows how to stop that dirty tactic in its tracks! If, after you read our free guide, you are still stuck on having odometer readings, then don't forget to have the odometer JUMP on all the days you do some personal driving and make sure when you add up all those JUMPS they total what you claim for Commuting and Other miles driven for that vehicle.

WARNING Regarding Excel Viruses: Excel templates can contain nasty viruses. Consider saving a few bucks vs spending an afternoon removing a virus from your computer vs having all your personal information sold to someone in a country with no rule of law! - This is an Excel template. - This is an Excel template it has odometer start/stop. See my warning up above about odometer readings! The page will show other templates. Anything from will more than likely be free of viruses. - Probably doesn't contain a virus. - Probably doesn't contain a virus. - Apache open office template.

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Paper and Pencil - You might think that this is the hardest way to make a mileage log. But the reality is that ALL the mobile apps shown below are harder than paper and pencil! Whether they use GPS or not. Read below to find out why. Show details... - Fleet management for large enterprise. - They sell dozens of forms for $40. One of them is a mileage log form. - This page will also show you a half dozen other log books you can buy.

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Mobile - Manual Entry - These apps interrupt you dozens of times every day... for an ENTIRE YEAR!  Assuming you are only paid for what you actually get done, these apps can cost you thousands a year in lost productivity. Show details... - Designed for large enterprises reiumbursement (receipts and mileage). They do NOT produce an IRS conforming mileage log. - Any software that tries to do reiumbursement ends up requiring many fields for every trip. - They don't have any logging abilities; users are requesting to be able to download the data. This probably shouldn't even make the list, but they are 'close' so we included it. - Expense, time, and mileage. They say they've joined - Travel Expense Management. Does many things, but mileage is one of them. Enterprise pricing. Call to find out! - Generates email reports. Can't tell if it requires you to enter addresses? - You manually enter all fields for every entry. - You manually enter all fields for every entry. - This will show dozens of cheap or free apps. There are so many that come/go no one can keep track of them. So we only list ones that have their own website. Almost all of these are mobile manual entry so that's the category we put them in. - There are gads of these: TripLog, Milog, Mobile Mileage, MileBug, Mileage Tracker, Road Trip Lite, DayTripper, Triopometer Mileage Log, iLogMiles, Mileage Meter

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Mobile - GPS - All these apps eat up your phone's battery power, memory, and bandwidth and many require you to remember to turn them on. But the worst thing is, these apps either interrupt you dozens of times a day, or allow you to ignore them until later when you have to stare at hundreds of raw addresses and 'figure out' their business purpose or whether they are personal stops. They also have the added 'creep factor' of letting an IRS agent know every address you visit. Assuming you are only paid for what you actually get done, these apps can cost you thousands a year in lost productivity. Show details... - They sell other apps. Their support page only talks about their Flight Update product. Six minute video to add one route. They have you enter the odometer stop/start or total miles. 'Mileage' is a category like airfare, bus, breakfast, car rental. - They are the only company that even talks about the 'location' problem when you pull into a parking lot that services 20 business. In that case you can fiddle with the 'location range' to broaden or narrow it. Can you imagine doing this many times a day for an entire year? - Was orginally in FRENCH, but now an English version. Website doesn't always load. They tried to solve the problem of having to turn it off and on every day, all year, so it's always on so this app gets the prize for creating the largest Gordian knot of data for you to untangle. - Only the current day can be see or edited, so you better not forget to fire this up EVERY DAY. - There are gads of these. Many of them lose tracking if you get or make a call; so be careful and test them out: Trip Journal, Driverslog Pro, DayTracker, Automiez, TripLogger, Drivers Log, Driven, RoutesMap

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GPS Gizmo (Most Effort) - These expensive gizmos record the GPS coordinates of everywhere you stop for more than 30 seconds.   And yes, you guessed it: You have to wade through and categorize hundreds or even thousands of these raw addresses.  And they also have the added danger of letting the IRS knowing every address you visit.  Show details...

This seems like such a great idea right?  But please take a few moments to think this through.  :) How often does your vehicle stop for more than 30 seconds?   What happens if it's at a traffic light in front of an exotic dancing club? Also, can you imagine all the data this thing uploads to your computer?

But worse than that, a GPS coordinate or an address is NOT a business purpose, so you have to untangle this giant Gordian knot and figure out which of your stops are business and which are personal.  Also, what happens when you stop at a strip mall with 10 business?  Your GPS grabs the address of the one you park closest to, not the one you walk into!  And don't forget the 'creep factor' of letting an IRS agent know every address you visited.

We find that most people who buy into this kind of a solution believe their mileage log needs to have addresses or locations or a begin/end odometer reading for every trip and that's just not the case. Get our free free guide to learn why.

And last but not least, they only work on ONE vehicle, while MileageWIZ™ works for unlimited vehicles. - Fleet management for large enterprise. - This gets the prize for the most expensive solution at $220 per device plus $19 per month. They don't explain how you attach business purposes to these arbitrary addresses. - They say 'Set and forget'. We guess that's true until you download and have to untangle the Gordian knot of raw addresses. So the longer you 'forget ' the bigger the Gordian knot gets. - Fleet management for large enterprise. Over $1000 at lowest level.

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Ask yourself: When is the last time a company showed you its competitors?

Why do we do it? Because we are confident that we are the best solution and back it up with our Best in the World Guarantee.

Why buy today?

The quick answer is 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

But a far better answer is... When you put off simple things that can really benefit you, then most often those things never get done. You need to act now to protect yourself from the dozens of distractions that are occurring right now! The kids screaming, the boss walking in, your partner texting you to remember to do this or that, etc...

Why do we know this? Because when we ask those who get our free guide why they didn't buy MileageWIZ™, their #1 answer is ,"Oh yeah!  MileageWIZ™ is awesome!  I got interrupted and then I forgot."

Exactly what will happen when I buy?

After you click the the 'Check Pricing ...' button below you will get to choose what years you want to purchase and whether you want a Personal Assistance Package.  After entering your credit card information you will immediately see and also be emailed the Product Keys which unlock MileageWIZ™ for the years you purchased along with a link which opens a new browser window where you can IMMEDIATELY download MileageWIZ™.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

Answered all your questions?

At this point we have shown you...

Now some people just need to look through everything before they buy.  Others may have a question and for that we suggest checking out our Buying Questions or our Support Questions. At the bottom of every page of our site (see below) you ask us any question and we will answer it ASAP.