How-To Demo Videos

The first two videos (scroll down to see the second one) show you three different ways MileageWIZ™ can help you make a fantastic mileage log. The third (bottom) video is also on our Tour page. There are also two additional videos built right into the MIleageWiz™ app which you can view by selecting Help from the main menu.

How to use Recurrences in MileageWiz™

This first video shows how to use Recurrences (rather than the Interview) to create a whole year's mileage log. Recurrences have a good balance of speed and control over your mileage log. After watching the Recurrences video below at least twice with no distractions, then scroll up and read on....

So lets say you have a location like 'XYZ Company'. So instead of using Locations and having to enter a bunch of distances, you instead create a Route called 'XYZ Company' and then think about where you usually drive FROM to get to get to 'XYZ Company'. Let's say sometimes you leave from your office and that's 10 miles, but other times you go there after you visit another customer and thats 5 miles. So you would put in an average of 7.5 miles with a variance of 2.5 and then just 'click' on the year calendar every time you visited that 'Location'.

How to use The Interview OR Weekly Logging in MileageWiz™

The video below is a quick overview showing two other popular ways of using MileageWIZ™. The first 2:27 show the Interview which works best to make an entire year's mileage log in the shortest amount of time. However, this speed comes at the price of detail, so your purposes are more loosly connected to the amount of driving done each day. At the 2:27 mark it shows Weekly Logging which is the best way to keep a log throughout the year and also gives you the most control over details.

This video is only a couple minutes and shows you what we mean by