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  • How can I get one-on-one phone support?

    We do our best to give responsive, detailed email support... but one-on-one phone support would require that we charge triple what we do for MileageWIZ™. Think of Microsoft Office for $300... imagine a Microsoft Employee walking through how to reformat a document for 15 min on the phone with you? That just ain't gonna happen and if Microsoft with all it's resources can't do that for $300, we can't guarantee to do it for what we charge. Now we have considered a 1-900 number, where you pay by the minute. You can use the form at the bottom of the page to tell us a dollar per hour rate you would pay for one-on-one phone support.


  • Does MlieageWIZ have any bugs?

    There is only one known bug. Sometimes the Total Miles in the upper right corner will go to zero, but not the Deductions. All you have to do is right click on any Route that is logged in the Week Calendar and change the mileage by any amount (it can be 1/10th of a mile) or select Distances and it will update properly.


  • I don't want to learn or think, I just want my mileage log done.

    Okay, then we suggest you check our our videos showing the three fundamental ways to use MileageWIZ™ and pick the one that way that appeals to you. Then watch 20 seconds of the video then PAUSE it and then switch to MileageWiz and do that small step. Then go back and watch another 20 seconds and do that step. So then you don't have to learn or think or remember anything.

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  • What other training videos are there?

    There are TWO videos built into MileageWIZ™ just select Help on the main menu. Of the built in videos covers the Interview (which is the fastest, but least accurate way to make a log typicaly for the whole year) and the other video is for Weekly Logging (which is the most accurate, but usually takes the most time).

    There are two videos on our website on the Videos page. One of the two videos on our website covers Routes with Recurrences which falls in the MIDDLE of the Interview and Weekly Logging when it comes to effort and accuracy. The second video on the website covers both the Interview and Weekly Logging.

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  • How do you do a new year or move to the next year?

    You can always do File -> New from the main menu to create a totally new mileage log for a new year, but if you do that you must enter the year, the vehicle(s), and the activity(s). If you have completed a mileage log for a previous year and in the new year you have the same activity(s) then you will usually want to import from that previous year to this new year.

    These instructions are for importing from 2014 to 2015, but you can import from any year to any other year. Import transfers (to the NEW file it creates) all your Activities (usually business or businesses), Vehicles, Locations (and distances between them) , Routes (including Dailey Driving where MOST of the time the Interview is logged), and all Purposes associated with either Locations or Routes

    Select File -> Import Previous year, then enter 2015 (the year you want to import TO), then in the next window that opens, navigate and select your 2014 mileage log file (this is the file that you want to import FROM), then the Wizard will do the import process showing what it's importing (Routes, Activities, Vehicles, Locations, Distances). You can UNCHECK anything you don't want to import (like a vehicle you no longer use or a business you no longer are in). When done save the NEW file as 'My Mileage Log 2015' or some name like that. This is your NEW mileage log file, it will have ZERO miles because it doesn't import miles, just the things listed above.

    If you created your original log using the Interview, then usually you used Dailey Driving as the Route to log the Interview with. In that case, ALL your purposes will be in the Daily Driving Route and you will want to use that Route again IF you do the Interview for the new year.

    If you used Recurrences with Routes, as suggested in our online video on our Product Tour page, then each of your Routes will be imported.


  • I am seeing an error screen and need help?

    When you see the error you want to show our support team, press ctrl-shift-PrtScn keys all at once to copy your entire screen to the magical clipboard. Then click on the Start button in Windows and in the lowermost textbox and type:
    and hit enter to launch the Paint program which is built into Windows. When it opens click once to make sure the drawing surface has active focus and press ctrl-V keys to paste your screenshot into the Paint program. If it doesn't paste your screenshot in, then make sure and click once inside the drawing canvas of the Paint program to make sure it has focus then try ctrl-V again. Then use File->Save As from the main menu and save it to your Desktop, give the file a name with YOUR name in it and the number '1' at the end, so if you send another screenshot you can add the number 2 at the end, so we can reference them in our emails. Then add the screenshot picture as an attachment to your email to us. If your email asks you if it can 'compress' the picture, please say no as we need it in full resolution so we can read the small print.

  • How do I enter a product key?

    MileageWIZ™ can be 'unlocked' for any year you have a product key. Simply select Help->Enter Product Key from the main menu and follow the instructions. Remember that the 0's in your product key are the number zero and not the letter 'O'.

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  • I have lost my product key(s)

    There is no longer the need to login to view your purchased product keys. Simply use the form below and give us as much info as possible so we can look up your old order. Like: email you purchased them with, full name, phone number, date (month and year is better than nothing), etc...

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  • How do I change the mileages if my miles are over or under what they should be?

    To instantly adjust your miles from... let's say 33171.3 to 14,377 select Tools>Odometer Adjustment from the main menu. The Adjustment Factor is the miles you want, divided by the miles you have logged or...
    14,377 / 33171.3 = 0.433416839255622
    Enter 0.433416839255622 into the Adjustment Factor, click Adjust Mileage and viola' your log will have the exact mileage you require. Make sure and enter at least 10 decimal places if you want the final miles to be correct to the 1/10th of a mile. Windows has a built in calculator that has many decimals of accuracy. Click on Start button in Windows, then in the Search textbox type 'calculator' without the quotes and hit enter.

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  • I need a beginning and ending odometer reading for each day.

    A begin/end odometer reading for each day is NOT required by the IRS, nor ANY state taxing agency in the U.S. Some tax professionals and even uninformed or aggressive IRS agents believe a begin/end odometer reading is required because an IRS example shows this. A beginning and ending odometer reading for the entire year does support your mileage log. If you know your begin/end odometer reading for the year, then take a few minutes to use the Tools->Mileage Reality Check. This will check for common mistakes people make and do the math to make sure things are correct.

  • How do make sure I never lose any data?

    The #1 easiest way is to use a FREE service such as, it takes minutes to install, works seamlessly with Windows, and it makes a backup in the cloud for every single change to a file. So you can revert to a previous file at any time. Just make sure and close and then re-open MileageWIZ™ every 10-15 minutes because Dropbox only makes a backup when the file is released by a program. An alternative is to use File -> Save As in MileageWIZ™ every 5 to 10 minutes and change the name of the file by giving it a 'incrementing numbered name'. If you do this, you never lose more than 5 to 10 min of work and can always go back to a previous version. As an example if you worked on your log for 40 min and saved every 10 minutes your files would look like this...
    My Mileage Log 2010 -1
    My Mileage Log 2010 -2
    My Mileage Log 2010 -3
    Then if version 4 had a problem you go to version 3 and only lose 10 min max.
    MileageWIZ™ ALWAYS opens the last saved file so you don't have to remember your latest version! When doing the Interview, you should always make a backup with a different name right before Finalizing the Interview. That is when it logs the entire Interview and there is no going back and editing the Interview after that. Once you finalize the Interview you can do View->Quick View from the menu and make sure you like the log. If not, then just close MileageWIZ™ without saving (ignoring the warning messages!)then re-run to open the last saved file, go back to the Interview and use the back button to go back to steps 2 and 3 where you can continue to edit/change the Interview.

  • How to email us your MileageWIZ™ file.

    To find out where on your computer your your Mileagethe file is, launch MileageWIZ™ and select File -> Save As from the main menu. The Save As dialog window will show you the path to where your file is saved (that's the field labeled 'Save In') and the name of the file in the field at the bottom of the window (that's the field labeled 'File name'). Then run your email program and send an email to and add the file found in the previous paragraph as attachment to the email. Please Note: The file's extension is MLW and the icon for it is a green/red car. Please do not send us a TXT file you create with File->Print to File OR File->Export to Excel.


  • I can't find my MileageWIZ™ file?

    When MileageWIZ™ launches, it opens the last saved file and shows the filename and the path in the red splashcreen that first pops up. If that file has been moved or renamed it will tell you it cannot find it. If you need to find another file that was saved before the last saved file and you know the computer your MileageWIZ™ logs were created on or copied to then here is how you can search the entire hard drive... Open Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer which if for surfing the web) and navigate to the root drive (usually the C: drive). You can do this by typing C: into the address bar and hitting enter. Press ctrl and F key at the same time (this is the Find mode) then type ... *.mlw and hit enter. This will find EVERY MileageWIZ™ file on that computer. It make take up to an hour, so go have some coffee or go for a walk or just minimize the window and continue to do whatever you want on the computer


  • Does MileageWIZ work on a Mac or Apple computer?

    Unfortunately it does not run directly on a Mac or Apple. We have had more 'computer savvy' customers download the free 30 day trial of this Mac software that runs Windows and then install MileageWIZ™. We, of course, cannot support this. We are working on MileageWIZ™ for the cloud which will work on all devices, but that will not be available until sometime in 2015. If you would like to be added to a list to be contacted when our cloud based solution comes online then use the form at the bottom of every page on our website and type 'Notify me when cloud solution comes'.

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  • Printing Your Mileage Log

    When you have finished your mileage log select File->Print Preview and make the proper selections based on the amount of paper you want to use. Font Size - Medium and Printing Format - Typical To Read is kind of the 'Goldilocks' choice. Then you have to uncheck fields in the Details To Include box. The default is to show every field, but the fields you almost always want to uncheck are: Type, IRS Activity, and Activity Type. When you click Next it will show you the number of pages generated and if that is too many pages, then close that and run print preview again and try a smaller Font Size another Print Format. Once you have the settings the way you like, scratch them down on a piece of paper (or take a screenshot) and select File->Print from the main menu, change the settings (yeah, it sucks that it doesn't remember them) and print. This printed mileage log is the ONLY thing you turn into any taxing agency.

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  • My Computer Does Not Have a Printer

    Use File->Print to File from the main menu of MileageWiz. Then email the TXT file to a computer with a printer. You can also open the TXT file in any word processing program like Microsoft Word and the do full search/replace, change the fonts, etc...

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  • Send Mileage Log as a PDF or XPS

    If you have Microsoft Word (2007 or greater) use Print to File in 'File' main menu in MileageWiz™ then open the TXT file in Word where you can change fonts, search and replace, etc... When formatted click the Office Button (upper left corner), then Save As -> Other formats, then in the 'Save as Type' drop down select PDF. If your MS Word program doesn't have the Save as PDF option, then you can download the add on here: Microsoft Office Add-in for PDF and XPS If you don't have Microsoft Word then use this site Text to PDF Converter to convert the TXT file to PDF.

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