We've been doing this for over a decade and eventually we should add ALL our testimonials and group them into years. But until then, here's the last dozen.

Every year for the last three years the IRS has audited me for my mileage logs and every year I use MileageWIZ™ and pass with flying colors!  THANK YOU MILEAGEWIZ! I was audited by the IRS for my mileage log.  Majorie R. – Home Health

"I drive nearly 30,000 miles each year and I routinely get audited for my mileage log.  After I logged my first week, I just copy and paste it to the next week and then quickly edit it for accuracy.  To be honest, I was quite surprised that it really only takes me a few minutes to log each week.  I will never fear another mileage log audit again."  Tomas R. – Real Estate Broker

“I bought MileageWiz for my real estate.  However, when I was using it for that I realized how easy it was to log the driving I do as a volunteer.  In 3 minutes I had realized over $250 in additional deductions that I have never taken the time to document.  MileageWiz just paid for itself for the next five years!”  Suzanne L. – Real Estate Agent

“Thank you for the creation of MileageWiz. I feel more comfortable with having a detailed mileage record which totaled 76 pages. I could never have created this document on my own.  Thanks again to the MileageWiz group.“  Richard W. - Real Estate Agent

"I watched the Tutorial Movie for a minute, paused it, and then did that step in my MileageWiz program, and then repeated the process.  15 minutes later I had a 52 page mileage log that is better than anything I have ever done!"  Jim P. - Building Contractor

"I did not realize that mileage to and from home is not allowed for me because my home is not my Principle Place of Business.  MileageWiz saved me from making this mistake while allowing me to create the best mileage log I have ever seen."  Eduardo V. – Real Estate Broker

"I really do not like computers and I use mine only when I absolutely have to.  However, I took your advice and watched the movie and did my mileage log the way it suggested.  It took me more than an hour to do my whole year, because I actually started getting into it and having fun.  I even helped my husband get his mileage log done.  Thank you MileageWiz."  Laura K. – Real Estate Broker

"It was very empowering to be able to create a 63 page Mileage Log in just a few minutes.  All my worries involving my Mileage Log are gone!  MileageWiz truly is amazing!"  Jenny C. - Business Consultant

"I learned how to use MileageWiz by watching the videos. It is amazing how something as complicated as my driving can be organized into such a simple program."  Mike C.  - Resort Owner

"I really liked how I could quickly add as much detail as I wanted and I see how easy it will be to make next year's Mileage Log."  Erik E. - Software/Hardware Consultant

 "We have a number of rentals and keeping a Mileage Log each year has been a real chore.  With MileageWiz, it was so easy, that it was actually fun."  Josh M. - Landlord/Real Estate Investor